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Happy New Year - Dr. Kimberly Brown

Happy New Year!

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It’s the beginning of a new year and decade. Did you overeat and indulge over the holidays? Good! We sometimes have to let go and just enjoy ourselves a little. But now is the time to get back on your healthy diet and exercise routine. Perhaps it’s time for a New Year’s/Decade’s Resolution? One of the things that interests me is staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight. If you are a middle-aged woman reading this, you know it can be difficult. In this newsletter, you will find some health tips, a nutritious recipe, and a gentle detox to start […]


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4 WAYS TO REMEDY SPRINGTIME ALLERGIES Seasonal allergies, the bane of springtime. We love the warmth of Spring and those lovely blooms but this year, a lot of us are feeling like it’s not worth the price! For those of you who’ve never experienced springtime hay fever, this year may be your first. It’s one of the worst allergy seasons on record. I usually only have very mild hay fever symptoms for one or two weeks every May but this year, my symptoms started in April, are worse, and still present one month later! What to do? I’ll share some […]