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November is National Diabetes Month

Happy Holidays. Let’s Talk Sugar!

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November is National Diabetes Month. Apropos, given the holidays are coming and many of us will be overindulging in sweets and simple carbohydrates. What better time is there to talk about blood sugar, prediabetes, and hormones. Hormones? Yes, insulin, that blood sugar lowering hormone, is affected by changes in other hormones including thyroid, estrogen, and testosterone! I’ll talk more about hormones later but let’s start at the beginning. It starts with subtle but slowly increasing blood sugar otherwise known as prediabetes! Prediabetes is a warning to make changes in your diet, lifestyle, and weight. When your doctor says you are […]


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If that’s you, it’s important to make changes now. Don’t wait because a stroke is not going to wait. Too commonly, I see middle aged women who ignore their rising blood sugar and blood pressure. Stroke is the third leading cause of death among women, more than breast cancer. It’s important to take prevention seriously. In my first year of practice, two of my patients experienced strokes. One was only 48 years old. She was starting to get hot flashes so had come to see me and wanted to naturally treat her high cholesterol (over 300) and very high blood […]