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How Much Vitamin D is Too Much?

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You’ll never absorb too much vitamin D from the sun. That’s because the darker you become, the less vitamin D you absorb. There is also not enough vitamin D that naturally occurs in food to ever pose a problem. Because we are not in the sun as much as our forefathers were, Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem but taking too much vitamin D in supplement form can be unhealthy at high doses. When using Vitamin D at dosages higher than 4000 IU per day, it’s recommended that you consult with a doctor or a naturopathic doctor. The NIH […]
The Impact of Stress and How to Counter It

The Impact of Stress & How to Counter It

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The longer stress lasts, the more susceptible your health suffers. But what do you do when it’s an infectious disease and the current state of our country is causing that stress? All of us are experiencing some level of stress related to this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. The world has changed and it’s changing very quickly. Change, whether good or bad, causes stress. What do I mean when I say stress There are many different types of stress. Over-exercise causes stress. Starvation causes stress. Getting sick causes stress. The stress that can do the most damage to our long term health & […]
Happy New Year - Dr. Kimberly Brown

Happy New Year!

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It’s the beginning of a new year and decade. Did you overeat and indulge over the holidays? Good! We sometimes have to let go and just enjoy ourselves a little. But now is the time to get back on your healthy diet and exercise routine. Perhaps it’s time for a New Year’s/Decade’s Resolution? One of the things that interests me is staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight. If you are a middle-aged woman reading this, you know it can be difficult. In this newsletter, you will find some health tips, a nutritious recipe, and a gentle detox to start […]
November is National Diabetes Month

Happy Holidays. Let’s Talk Sugar!

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November is National Diabetes Month. Apropos, given the holidays are coming and many of us will be overindulging in sweets and simple carbohydrates. What better time is there to talk about blood sugar, prediabetes, and hormones. Hormones? Yes, insulin, that blood sugar lowering hormone, is affected by changes in other hormones including thyroid, estrogen, and testosterone! I’ll talk more about hormones later but let’s start at the beginning. It starts with subtle but slowly increasing blood sugar otherwise known as prediabetes! Prediabetes is a warning to make changes in your diet, lifestyle, and weight. When your doctor says you are […]
Turmeric/Curcumin: The Magnificent Herb

Turmeric/Curcumin: The Magnificent Herb

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Many of my new patients tell me they take turmeric supplements. It’s become a very popular herbal supplement in the last few years but turmeric has been around for a very long time. In fact, it’s been used by humans for over 4,000 years for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Originally from India and used in Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric spread to China, the Middle East, Africa, and finally Europe sometime in the 18th century. Ancient people loved turmeric for the flavor it added to their food and appreciated it for its healing properties, and so do we today! Are Turmeric […]
The Dog Ate My Thyroid Medicine

The Dog Ate My Thyroid Medication!

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I received a phone call from a patient whose dog had eaten her entire bottle of thyroid medication! She needed authorization for an early refill, but the first thing I needed to know was if her dog was okay – and thankfully, he was. The patient was taking a natural dessicated thyroid medication. Armourthyroid, Naturethroid, and NP thyroid are all natural dessicated thyroid. They are derived from porcine thyroid. Since the thyroid is a glandular organ, I can only imagine that it has a very strong and characteristic smell – it probably smells like delicious organ meat to a dog! […]

Screening Mammograms

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“Do I need a mammogram? Is a mammogram really necessary?” This is a common question I get working with women over 40. I don’t have a simple answer for that. Since 1980, it was recommended to start mammograms yearly at age 40. When The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Mammogram Guidelines changed in 2016, it caused great controversy and confusion.  It recommended that women begin screening at age 50 and to only screen every 2 years. Gynecologists opposed the new guidelines but some primary medical doctors and internists agreed with them. Who to believe? Officially, The American Academy of Family […]


25 years ago, I volunteered on Burmese refugee camp in Thailand for 4 months. Food was simple on the camp. The only provisions provided were poor quality rice and fish paste. My camp was fortunate because the land owner let the refugees raise pigs and chickens, and grow vegetables to supplement their diet (most camps were not so fortunate). Some weekends I would go into town to meet with other volunteers from along the border. Before cell phones and in the beginning days of the internet, the only way to get news was to meet face to face. We’d head […]


COOKING FROM MY GARDEN PASTA WITH SAUSAGE & ZUCCHINI Low-FODMAP – Keto – Paleo – Lactose Free – Gluten Free I’m an avid gardener. My love of gardening was passed down to me from my grandmother and mother. When I was a little girl, I adored visiting my grandparents in the Central Valley. They lived on an acre of land, grew most all their vegetables, and canned them too! By 6 years old, my grandmother had me destringing the green beans, trellising the tomatoes, and harvesting everything they grew. Living in the city, we could only have a small garden, […]

Five Ways to Manage Stress (The “Silent Killer”) Naturally

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In my opinion, stress is one of the scariest causes of serious health issues in today’s society. Why do I say scariest? Because stress is like a “silent killer”. So many people suffer from hidden side effects of stress and they don’t even know what’s causing their symptoms. Whether it’s indigestion, back pain, high blood pressure or other symptoms of stress, people often live with it for years not realizing what it is doing to their bodies. Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines stress as: a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in […]